How Tinder Will Help You Prospect

Old concept. New perspective.

Gay or Straight; young or old; male or female. You’ve likely spent uncounted hours unsuccessfully on Tinder (or similar dating apps). And since time is money (and you’ve invested heavily), its time to cash-out.

Think about the dualistic world you live in. You wouldn’t (well, you shouldn’t) walk up to a complete stranger and drop your make-their-knees-buckle pick-up line in a bar or WholeFoods. You’ve got game and you know how to kill it. Similarly, you wouldn’t (again, shouldn’t) spend weeks of small talk on your favorite dating app. The sooner you can meet in person, the better.

Flirting over an app is as different a game from flirting in person as fútbol is from football.

So it is with sales.


These are your Tinder-ees: people who have opted into the game. By being on the app, i.e. downloading that white-paper, they know what they are getting into. But just because these people have expressed interest do you have the right to berate them. Don’t make them regret it.

I mean, it is possible these “matches” were on their 3rd glass of wine, bored and one night lazily hopped on the app. But even then, highly interested or not, they’ve expressed interest. Some may be blatant with their request. They want a demo as soon as humanly possible. Others are just starting to notice their current relationship is lacking or that they are more lonely than they want to admit.


The tougher game. This is that babe you see and wonder where have you been all my prospecting days? This is that hottie at the supermarket or at the bar on a Friday night. Just like you know a golden prospect when you see it, you know this hottie is just right for you. You can tell just from the items in their cart or the drink they just ordered. You only just made eye contact and you know you’re a perfect fit for one another.

How to approach?

You wouldn’t (again, you shouldn’t) walk up to them and ask say, Netflix & chill?

So why are you running up to your prospect and begging them to get on a demo? They know nothing about you. Sure you’ve seen the fit, but they need to see the items in your cart before they’ll even consider meeting for coffee, let alone Netflix & chill-ing.

I mean it might work (I would gladly welcome your success/failure story should you try) but remember, this is an über hottie. You don’t want to muff this one up.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be bold. Don’t be a wuss. Get over there and talk to that hottie. Drop your best pick-up line (i.e. email, subject line, voicemail or what have you). And be persistent. Chances are if you find them attractive others do too. They probably have dozens of matches/messages/right-swipes. You gotta stand out in a way that will get you noticed, but not turn them off.

That all being said: we focus so much on building relationships with our prospects. It’s bullshit. They don’t want a relationship with you. (NOTE: here is where I end the dating analogy… it just starts getting weird). They want to solve their problems. They want to buy and move along.

I’m a reform(ing) man. I, too, am guilty of both poor prospecting efforts and etiquette. It’s easy to succumb. You see so many people around you doing it, you assume is appropriate behavior. But put yourself in their shoes: (resume dating analogy) Do you really see yourself ending up with the person who’s looking or who invites you to Netflix & chill before you even know their last name? If I called you outta the blue today and asked you to demo my company’s services, would you even be remotely interested?