When you first posted daily, did you post them in publications? I realised that without posting in publications, it is not easy to gain viewership on the platform. So how did you gain that sort of traction?
This is amazing Blake!
Alana Goh

Absolutely. You’re right that it’s very, very difficult to gain an audience on Medium (and especially a personal blog) if you just post under your own profile or even in your own publications. It’s much easier to submit your work to a publication that has a large audience and lead them to your own site or profile that way. The key is in how you utilize the author bio at the end.

The Mission alone has 296,000 readers. That’s 296K potential readers to bring to my own blog. I only need a fraction of that to build a readership of my own. Not to mention the readership from other publications like the Writing Cooperative, Be Yourself, and Thrive I am a part of. Of course it needs to be a win-win for both parties in the end, but writing for other publications takes a lot of the luck out of it and speeds up the process a whole lot.

I would recommend Jon Morrow’s guest blogging course if you’re really looking to take your blogging to the next level. It costs money, but it’s really worth the investment. You can find it at guestblogging.com. I’m sure you’ll find it helpful. It’s transformed the way I write for blogs.

I’d also love to jump on a free call with you if you’re up to it? I’m developing different content to help my readers and would love to hear more from you. You can reach me through blake@bulletproofwriters.com

Thanks for reaching out Alana. Hope that’s helpful :)