No, it’s still lying and it is not okay!
Jana DeLano

Hi Jana,

I think some of my advice got mixed up in my presentation of it.

Telling a good story is never about changing the facts, but about presenting it in the most appealing way possible to ensure others will see your message and be interested in it in the first place.

You can still tell the truth in a sensational way. It’s the difference between a clickbait headline which doesn’t deliver on the results it promises to, which is straight-up lying to the reader, or writing a well-written article with backed-up arguments with a good, compelling headline, one which follows through on which is promised without betraying the reader’s trust.

I completely agree that betraying trust is never okay. But it is possible to be authentic and position yourself as a writer someone should read in the same time. That’s how we stand out from the crowd and get people’s attention.

If we don’t do that, we risk being lost in the sea of the crowd, whether we are being authentic or not.

I talk more about this to another reader here:

Thanks for your response!