Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs , I am sorry!
Michael Adewunmi

I’m so glad to see you put your words to the pavement and not only wrote a piece, but published it!

Even though it seems like no one else is listening, Michael, people need your words — and it doesn’t even matter if no one around you is giving the support you need, or even seeming to care.

All that matters is that you’re doing you, because only YOU know how to do you best.

So sorry I didn’t check this out earlier, Michael, but I’m happy to see you practicing your craft and putting the work in to get better. You’ll get better, trust me, but I can already sense your frustation and your passion, and I’m right there with you.

Maybe most of all, never stop doing what you love, even if nobody is paying you for it. No, especially if no one is paying you for it.

Write on, Michael!