Playing games (mobile or otherwise) is not mutually exclusive with being successful.
Melissa Boone

It’s all about the habit loop. We crave accomplishment, so we turn on these games for a “quick fix”. The only problem is that a quick fix only amounts in a temporary sense of accomplishment, so we have to turn them back on for later (like a much less extreme form of drug use/simple addiction).

The loop goes like this: We crave accomplishment so look for easy ways to accomplish something (especially when we feel lazy)→we turn on a game or do something to ease that feeling → then we quickly get bored when the short-term effects of the game wear off and so we crave accomplishment again → etc. and the loop continues

It’s not about the presence of mobile games that impacts our ability to be successful. The problem is with the loop these create. I guess the question we have to ask is am I able to play these games and still be successful (ie. play them after finishing my tasks)? Or is the addiction so great that I lean towards playing the game first and finishing my stuff later?