It’s Not About the Life You Can Create.

It’s about the life you can create for yourself.

The difference is crucial.

Because if you’re not creating a life you want to live, what’s the point?

I love to write, so naturally I looked for a profession in writing. But even while family and friends pushed me to write for a newspaper or write for a marketing business or become a writer-in-chief at a major corporation, I knew better.

I didn’t pursue that because it’s not what I wanted for myself. And it still isn’t.

I want to be a writer on my own terms and I want to help people in the way only I can, so what does that mean for me?

It means starting my own company and going into business for myself. It means bypassing the red tape and creating the work I want to create rather than the work others want me to create. This way I can be authentic and I can help build the dreams of others by building my own dreams now. Most importantly, I can help others gain their creative confidence even while still figuring out my own.

I can even divulge in side projects and keep a regular job while I do so. That’s what my dream life means for me — what about you?

The best part about it all? Whatever I do now supports my art whether in my job or in life. I’m gaining experiences which can benefit others now and in the future because I chose to choose myself instead of letting others choose for me (in much more poignant ways, too).

As Seth Godin says, always pick yourself. Because if you don’t pick yourself, you’re leaving your fate up in the sky. But if you pick yourself, well, the cards are forever in your favour. And that’s the crucial separator between someone who’s going to make a difference and someone who might make a difference who’s following the rules and always waiting for their turn to come.

You can’t decide whether or not others will pick you or care about you, not really. But the odds are much better for you if you choose you now rather than later, guaranteed.

So pick yourself. Why not?

Whether it’s in life, love, or business, you always come first. Because if you can’t supply your own needs, how will you ever help to support and heal the wounds of others?

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