What might be perfect for me may be a disaster for someone else. Likewise, what may seem perfect right now may not seem so after a few days or months (since we would have learnt new things by that time).
The way I bypass my perfectionist streak is by telling myself perfection is a relative concept and…
Valeria Black

Thanks, Valeria.

You make a good point here. It’s funny, because a lot of my posts I expect to take off don’t pick up much steam. It’s always the ones I place little-to-no expectations on that seem to skyrocket afterwards. In this sense, we can be our own worst critics (especially since we’re so damn close to our own writing, thoughts, and ideas all the time).

I tend to go through a 3-draft process. First is always for raw creation. Second is for tightening, switching around, and drilling down into my ideas. And the third is for the final proof, making sure it makes sense, checking for punctuation, etc. If I get past a fourth draft, I’ve usually gone too far.