This might be the most controversial post I ever wrote
Yann Girard

You’re right.

You’re not special, Yann. None of us are.

Okay, I lied. We’re all special in our own ways. And I think once we realize our “specialness” or our unique value proposition we can leverage that to make us grow.

We all have talents which make us special. But none of us are special in the fact that we can succeed more than someone else because we all have that capacity to succeed. Maybe some of us have more opportunity than others, or more drive, or more money… but all of us have that chance. That chance to be more than special, to use our specialties to help us grow into something more, that ability to become something great.

None of us may be great off first bat. But if we work at it hard enough, any of us can be like you or like anybody and capitalize the kinds of successes we’d only dreamed of years before.

The best part is we’ll be special in our own ways. Not in a special snowflake sort of way, but in a way where we can leverage our talents to be great.

That’s how we can live the life we want to live and be the person we want to be. Only on our own terms and nobody else’s.