TL;DR: The phrase “build it and they will come” is far from the truth. You need to be writing on topics that people actually care about and sharing it with people who are interested in the topic.
You’re right that people don’t care, but not sharing your work is not a solution.
Mitch Smith

You’re right in this.

I feel like with shorter posts, it’s not possible to get everything you want on paper. But I feel like I led into this with my last sentence.

The point isn’t that you can start writing in a vacuum and expect people to show up. The point is that you use this time in semi-isolation (and Medium is a great place to do this) to practice and get better at honing your voice and maybe reaching a few people in the process.

This is for the beginning writer who might “suck”. But all they need to do to get better is to first do the work. Writing takes a hell of a lot of time to get good at. And the better you are, the clearer your message will be and the more precise it is.

Like I said, once you get better, you can start sharing and pitching to others. But that only comes with not expecting anything to come out of the practice itself to begin with.

Medium, however, kind of changes the game on this. But my point remains the same.