The couple that fights like cats and dogs and nobody understands their marriage — AOL introduced them. When you’re running late stressed to your eyeballs and you hear the DING! of an UberPool match in Outer Outer Richmond who will be down as soon as she’s done brining her shrimp — AOL handpicked her. AOL created Batman v. Superman and lobbied hard against macaroni & cheese.

AOL was here when you learned to ride a bike and tripped into your first kiss. AOL was here when you lost your wisdom teeth and got your diploma. And AOL will be here…

Why your phone’s security is unlike any other

For a country fighting over security, we seem to know very little about it. I’m reminded of this every time I fly out of LAX, since they’ve got a security hole big enough for Timothy McVeigh to drive a truck through.

LAX has two security lines. The “9/10” line gives you the classic metal detector of days gone by. The “9/12” line gives you the billion-dollar body scans we bought after 9/11. Only passengers in the “precheck” program can go through 9/10 security. At the apex of the lines sits a TSA magician who ensures everyone’s in their proper place.

Analyzing Product Launches for Fun and Profit

Facebook launched two things this month that were received very differently by financial markets and media. If you understand why, you will become a fiercer founder and might even make some money trading stocks.

Headlines called Product A a KILLER. CNBC said it stole over $200 million in value from another company overnight. (I think it’s about as threatening as a tapeworm.)

Product B is a rinky-dink throwaway that hasn’t, as best I can tell, been mentioned anywhere. (I think it’s the monster under your bed.)

We’ll call Product A an ice cube: nice to have, keeps your beer cold…

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan got a big truck and loaded it up with stacks of twenties worth $44,999,999,937.63 (they stopped for gas).

Unfortunately he posted during lunch, so it went largely unnoticed. In all, Zuck Truck garnered just 19 likes and 2 comments:

There’s a hot new lemonade stand in town: Satoshi’s Lemons. Everyone is gettin’ their tang on over there. Beyoncé even wrote a song about it, “Sweet ‘n Sour.”

A reporter interviews three people in line to learn more:

The first man is a felon who was previously convicted on six counts of apple juice fraud. He introduces himself as Satoshi. He’s wearing a name tag that says “HELLO, MY NAME IS PAUL CEGLIA.” He’s holding a Do It Yourself Disguise Kit with a fake mustache and glasses. It’s his most prized possession, but you can have it for $2.99 …

One of the most useful lessons I learned from working at Facebook had nothing to do with technology: Doubt the media. Always doubt the media. Many journalists are superb, but certain reporters would publish plainly inaccurate information about our products on a regular basis. And if they got our tech wrong, what were they getting wrong in that science story? That war piece?

Today this healthy skepticism led me to start pulling on a thread…

Question: Who Made Reload?

We’ve all followed the sad news about Lamar Odom. While the cause hasn’t been identified, police have said he paired cocaine and alcohol with an…

Somewhere in the Bay Area, a developer teeters on the edge of insanity.

For the last 60 hours, he’s been A/B testing one word against another (“Get” or “Buy!” or “Install”?), one screenshot against the next. Delirious, he starts to A/B test reality — is that penguin really making paninis? — but all will be worth it in the end if he can manage to realize the impossible American dream: Convince you to pay one dollar, one time to install his life’s work on your iPhone.

Should he beat the odds, he’ll then take your 70 cents and plow them…

It’s Time to Let the Government Drive

Flying to Vegas? Look to your left. Now look to your right. Statistically speaking, one of you is about to get ripped off by a cabbie. And it’ll probably be you, the imbecile who chose the middle seat and paid $15 for wifi.

Taxi scams are nothing new, but here’s something novel: The Nevada state government is out-innovating Uber in attacking these scofflaws.

How The “Sin City Shuffle” Works

There are two main routes to get from the Vegas airport to the Strip. One of them is illegal. To figure out which one you’re on, apply this test: Look outside. …

Blake Ross

Founder @ Firefox, Former Director of Product @ Facebook.

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