The Pain You Feel is Capitalism Dying
Joe Brewer

You’re confusing marginal cost and marginal profit. Marginal cost is how much it costs to produce one additional unit of something. Marginal profit is the difference between that and what people will pay for it.

You’re also dead-wrong that the global economy has become stagnant. Actually, it’s growing faster than ever. even in the mudst of the latest recession the global economy is still experiencing rapid growth in absolute terms (though slower than in better times). The problem for developed nations is that all this growth has shifted to the so-called developing world. This does not mean there’s no room for additional growth in developed countries- in fact there’s an enormous remaining potential for growth.

The problem is that the developing world will generally offer a higher Return on Investment- so the problem is almost all new capital is being generated overseas rather than here at home. Combined with increasing inequality, tax havens, and the greying of the population this creates some enormous challenges for young people in developed nations unprecedented since the Great Depression…

It’s not a set of inescapable rules that is dooming Capitalism. It’s a lack of wisdom, foresight, and balance in how we have operated it- particularly neoco servative politician.

Your writings have an unhealthy disdain for both political parties in the USA, with comments about their being a “One Global Party” and such- Democrats are NOT equivalent to Republicans. Their core ideology opposes things like deregulation of banking and tax havens, for instance, and seeks to rein in the excesses of capitalism. The only reason Dems have accomplished little is because they have had to soften on the issues in order to attract political donations from the rich and try to sway moderates.

The biggest lie that Republicans have sold to the American peopke is that they’re really the same as Democrats. That makes it a lot easier to suppress liberal voter turnout- which is how Republicans win elections, because Americans (not voters) favor liberal policies over co servative ones nearly 2-to-1 (that is, roughly 66% of Americans identify as liberal or left-of-center).

This is why Democratic “ground game” focuses much more heavily on voter registration and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) than Republicans. Because most Americans are actually liberal-leaning, when you force them to identify where they stand on the issues. So political organizers (I speak from personal experience here, having been a fellow in a Congressional campaign) don’t really have to worry about the new voters they register voting Democrat, or voters they get yo the polls voting in the Republican candidate- it’s a fair bet that most of these people are liberal. The only reason Dems don’t win 90% of USA elections are because liberals have ABYSMAL voter turnout compared to conservatives (proportionally, only about half as many liberals and left-of-center moderates actually vote as do their right-wing counterparts), are disproportionately urban and thus underrepresented by the Electoral College ststem which gives undue power to rural voters, and are much more likely to be part of groups with especially low turnout- youth, minorities, women, and poor (Republican state governments also make strong efforts to suppress voter turnout among these groups, with Voter ID laws, “random” voter rolls purges that just “happen” to heavily effect these groups, and restriction of polling hours and early voting in left-leaning and urban areas. They also oppose making Election Day a national holiday or moving it to a weekend because it would *greatly* increase turnout among these groups…)

There are similar and different reasons for the persistent domunance of right-wing politics in other countries. The trend is almost always the same, however- liberals substantially outnumber conservatives, but conservatives have power, money, and racial/gender/class privledge on their side…