The Top 3 Things To Do Right Now To Improve Your Restaurant’s Facebook Page!

Simple to do and easy to implement

I was inspired to write this article due to the fact that I love the restaurant industry, so I’d like to help out as much as possible. There are some cool things that Facebook allows you to do as a restaurant to make your page stand out. Let’s start with these 3 tips:

Tip #1: Add Your Menu to Your Facebook Page

Time and time again I see restaurant pages that miss this cool feature. It is so simple to do, and so valuable to your potential customers. Here are the quick and easy steps to getting your menu on your Facebook page for all to see:

  1. Make sure that your Facebook page is set to a “Restaurant/Cafe,” or a “Local business” page. This can be done in your page settings, under edit page. Simply click on “edit” in the template section, and select which one applies best to your business.
  2. Click About on the left side of your Page.
  3. Click Page Info.
  4. Click to edit the Menu section.
  5. Upload a photo or PDF file of your menu.
  6. Once your menu has finished uploading, click Confirm.

Presto! You now have your menu on your Facebook page. Cool, eh (sorry, I’m Canadian)? Just keep in mind of the following Facebook rules regarding the menu on your page:

Menu Guidelines

Keep the following in mind when you add a menu:

  • Menus must include a list of multiple items for sale with a text title for each item. Listing prices is optional.
  • The menu items must be readable in the photo or PDF.
  • If your menu has more than one page, each page of your menu must include multiple items.
  • The maximum size for the photo or PDF file is 1 MB.

If your menu doesn’t meet the guidelines above, it may be removed.

This was taken directly from Facebook help, so follow the guidelines to ensure your menu being displayed properly (or at all).

Bonus Tip: If you choose, you may also use a platform called SinglePlatform. This tool allows you to post and edit your menu for your page, as well as show specials. Keep in mind that this is for Canada and US users.

Tip #2: Respond to ALL of Your Reviews

I see this happen so often that it is getting frustrating. What I will typically see with review responses is one of the following or both:

  1. The page admin only responds to those who write a bad review.
  2. The page admin doesn’t respond at all, or takes weeks to do so.

The whole point of using social media is to interact with your fans. Now, I know how the saying goes:

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

That does NOT apply to social media. If someone engages with you and writes you a positive review, it is just as important to reply back to them and thank them for the positive review. Yes, it is still important to ensure customer satisfaction as a single customer that gives you a bad review may cost you thousands of dollars over the course of 5 years (ask me how). However, by giving kudos or a simple “thank you for the kind words, come back again,” you can really achieve a new level of social interaction.

I would even go a step further and reward the positive reviewer with free drinks or a free appetizer. This will have two main positive outcomes (among many others):

  1. It will make them come back to the restaurant sooner rather than later, and likely bring friends.
  2. It will show other followers and visitors of the page that you reward those who give you praise, and you give back to loyal customers.

Side note: Google also shows your Facebook reviews in most searches. This will help guide potential customers searching for a restaurant to yours, due to the solid ratings you have.

Tip #3: Like Relevant Pages and Interact With Them

I constantly see pages that have no liked or interacted with other pages. Now you might be thinking, “I don’t care about other pages, I just want people to like my page!” Well, if you want more engagement it’s going going to be paramount in achieving that goal. Here’s why:

  • Whenever you like another Facebook page, you have just gained another audience to tap into.
  • You can tag those pages in your posts on your page, share other page’s posts, and interact with pages that you like in many ways.
  • Get insight on your competitor’s pages and perform market research.

Keep This in Mind

Simply having a page is not enough. I hope that you take these tips and put them into practice immediately. You have a lot of customers to gain from these 3 tips, and there is a lot more to do.

Most of all, have fun with it. Interacting with customers should be an enjoyable experience.

My team and I are always here to help. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or find us on Facebook.