21 Years After AT&T Showed Us Their Vision of the Future, How Right Were They?
Peter Shankman

The medium is not always the message. To me pretty much all of these ideas are right on even if the actual medium we use today isn’t exactly the same. The idea is still there. Today it’s Google doing the predicting and developing of these future ideas. We’ll see how well they do.

When I was in college the University of California introduced their Melvyl automated library catalog (http://melvyl.worldcat.org) which allowed students to sit in their library, find books located in any UC library, and order them to be delivered to your campus. Not many students used this service at the time but I did. I knew the world had changed.

So today we can buy them on Amazon or download them free from Gutenberg. In a way it’s the same thing — only better, right?

My point is that because any given prediction isn’t totally accurate doesn’t mean it deserves a bad grade. To use your metaphor, as an educator I give each prediction a top grade for creativity, nuance, excitement, real world application, and most of all for going out on a limb and being bold.

By the way, take a look at mystery hangouts, mystery Skype, and Google+ Communities. There are tons of elementary school students around the globe connecting online.

Thanks for this post. Love the videos.

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