Constance Malcolm, mother of Ramarley Graham Holds Another Press Conference

Constance Malcolm addresses media Monday afternoon

NEW YORK- The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there was a certain buzz of excitement around the Big Apple on this beautiful Monday in May. However, the mood was not quite the same at 1 Police Plaza, the New York Police Department headquarters since 1979.

As Constance Malcolm, the mother of the late Ramarley Graham stood at a podium pleading for justice to be served to the several NYPD officers that were involved in the questionable shooting of her son in 2012.

1 Police Plaza, New York City

The February 2, 2012 shooting has been filled with uncertainty and controversy, as anxiety between both sides has increased. It all started with the questionable handling of the officer who pulled the trigger, Richard Haste.

In 2013, it was announced that Haste would not even face jail time after a judge dropped the case due to a “procedural error.” Then, in March of this year, the NYPD let Haste resign, even offering him a pension package. This sparked a lot of controversy throughout the community.

Even though the pain and suffering that Richard Haste has caused the family of Ramarley Graham, he was not the main focus of this press conference. Malcolm is obviously extremely disappointed in the city of New York for letting Haste get off easy, but now she has turned her attention to the other officers involved in her sons murder, particularly Sergeant Scott Morris and Officer John McLoughlin.

Morris is under microscope due to lack of supervision and McLoughlin entered the victim’s home in an improper manner. Despite this shooting taking place over 5 years ago, none of the other officers involved have been in a courtroom.

Malcolm frustratingly discussed the lack of disciplinary action of these two individuals saying, “We know they have a trail pending against them, but we still don’t know when the trials will start. These officers must be held accountable for my son’s death.”

Despite all the negativity and disappointment of the press conference attendees, there was an overwhelming amount of support groups in attendance, which enlivened a sense of community. Black Lives Matter, Community Voices Heard, Picture the Homeless, and Mom’s Rising were just a few of the many. Some of these party leaders even spoke on behalf of the victim and his family.

Several support groups attended the press conference

Monipha Vandelli, a Mom’s Rising representative was one of those participants who discussed the pain that Constance Malcolm must be going through considering the recent holiday by stating, “Yesterday was mother’s day, and I think its really important to point out that mother’s who are not able to see their children live is an issue of reproductive justice.”

The press conference closed with Yul-san Liem, the co director of the Justice Community asking for the help of the community saying, “Call the Mayor’s office, call the Commissioner’s office, and ask them when these officers trial dates will be scheduled. “ ry-4-done

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