An in depth recipe on How to Relapse

TW// R*pe

You want to know how to make the perfect relapse? Start by having extremely drunk and messy sex with someone you met a week prior. Then do the exact same thing again, but be completely black out drunk, and do it with someone you’ve only ever met twice, and that also has a boyfriend. Follow all this up with seeing a girl who you’re only seeing because you’re codependent and basically using her. Continue it with an argument with your housemates about how much you’re drinking and how you’re feeling. Then have 2 personal projects cancelled, personal projects that you’ve put money into and turned work down for, and also have a good friend of yours tell you he regrets bringing you onboard for the shoot that you put a week of your life into. Then finally finish it with confrontation from your housemates about some lies going around saying that you apparently raped the girl from the start of this paragraph, and not being in a position to sort any of it out.

That’s how to perfectly relapse.

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