Let’s have a “Locker Room” Talk, Donald

Dear Donald,

Don’t lump the rest of us “boys” in with you. I did sports in high school, I’ve been in the locker room (and gotten the crap kicked out of me by a couple of overaggressive jocks no less), and yes, I’ve heard the the smacktalk and sexist, racist jabs they throw around. Yet there’s nothing, nothing I’ve ever heard in those rooms or from the athletically inclined that is nearly as bad as what came out of your hateful mouth.

You damage men by making these excuses for yourself. You normalize rape culture for millions of young men who now think it’s okay to speak that way if they’re in “the locker room”. You strengthen the arguments bad judges and awful advocates have made for rapists against their victims. You make it harder to trust men.

It seems to be a running theme in your campaign to be divisive; to harm your fellow Americans and the human race as a whole. You’ve harmed foreign relations with numerous countries, you’ve harmed Americans of Hispanic or Latinx heritage, you’ve harmed black Americans, Asian Americans, anyone in the LGBTQ+ spectrum, the entirety of women, and now men.

The fact it’s taken so long for your party to abandon you is deplorable. It shouldn’t have had to take this “how bad can he get” approach to finally expose you as an inept sycophant of foreign interests, corporate greed, and sociopathy. I have criticized every Republican candidate of your country since the days of Bill Clinton, but never once did I doubt that they loved their country.

I think you hate your country, Donald. And I think you’d sell it to the highest bidder, if it meant you got to keep your shirt.

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