Fishing is one thing that I am not great at but is one thing that really enjoy to do. There’s just something about being out on the lake that is so relaxing, peaceful and can really take your mind off of things. As well as being relaxing and peaceful, there is no better feeling that reeling in a big fish. From the time the fish is on the hook to the time it’s in the boat, there really is no better feeling. Growing up my Dad and Grandpa always would take me fishing at the lakes around our house and when I was in 7th grade I met one of my best friends, Mike, who also likes to fish. As we grew up together we found a really good fishing spot on a local river called the Little Miami. By the time we had our license we were going down to the river at least every other weekend. During the summer of our sophomore and senior year we even took a fishing trip to Put-In-Bay, which is an island on Lake Erie. While we were there, we went fishing on a charter in the middle of the lake for Walleye which we got to keep and eat later. Fishing is one thing that I can look back on and have memories with not only my Dad and Grandpa but my best friend as well.

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