Whenever we create work that pushes the boundaries of what white people expect us to be able to do, they rush to contain our creativity and redefine it in ways that don’t challenge their ideas about us. The complexity in our art is turfed over to make way for an easier-to-digest take. One that doesn’t force white readers to consider that we might just be as human as they are.
Whiteness fears black creativity. Camilla Long’s ‘Moonlight’ review exposes that.

Boo. Freaking. Hoo.

So one critic on the internet didn’t heap praise on a film that’s more than broke the box office several weekends in a row and which has received nothing but praise since its release.

I’m getting rather tired of people crying about how they want equality, but when they find themselves on the receiving end of equal opportunity criticism, they cry about how they’re being oppressed.


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