Bed sheets had never looked that perfect before

The Power of Branding: Find out the magic of just staying IN BED

We usually relate going to bed with night, sleep — alone or with someone- 8 hours, snore and dreams. However there’s a bunch of cool things you can actually do from bed. Indeed, after reading this article you will find out there is a whole world just under fancy bed sheets.

A few days ago I came across this sleepwear and home accessories Australian brand while browsing on Pinterest in my daily inspiration-hour. Its simplicity, minimal branding and wide-spaced logo typo caught my eye immediately and I clicked straight to the website.

‘Cold nights, warm sheets. Flannel sheets to keep you toasty all winter long’.

First you read at the homepage. 2pm and 30ºC outside but I almost run over my bed and chilled in for the whole day.

The most I scrolled down the most I wanted to soak up into that universe of nature and wellness. I felt in love with their Kitchen collection. From table cloths to aprons, napkins and coasters looked so great with that ceramic mugs! Even this 50$ citrus squeezer looked as worth to get it (of course, is not).

[…] we focus on classic, timeless products made to be lived in and loved for years to come.

It sounds like ‘buy and get the best for your rest’ to me. An experience you can relish at any moment, just by taking time and going where? To bed. Who could resist?

Well, but here is my favorite part: The Journal, a section where they list aaaall the bunch of activities to enjoy your time in bed with retro-inspired images that seems to be shooted by the oldest of the Yashica-A cameras.

They share books to read in bed, films to watch in bed, ideas and tips to remake your bedroom from bed, cooking lessons in bed and even travel around the globe without going out of bed. Sounds like a plan, seriously. I think I will never ever again leave my bed.

Check out their ‘Listen in Bed’ mixtapes in The Journal:

Bathing is a ritual for a lot of people and they may spend the entire evening planning their bath time. Did you know it’s an art too? Well, they acknowledge about it here and after reading it, no room for discussion.

It’s almost midnight so no better plan than be IN BED, right? Sweet dreams!

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