Parenting Financial Worries

Being a parent of 3 children is a great thing (most days). There is a lot of hard work, patience, and yelling that goes along with the fun. There are of course some problems, I should say a lot of problems, that come along with the territory. I happen to be lucky in being able to currently afford these little bundles of joy but sometimes I do think of the pressure and it can be suffocating.

My oldest is in elementary school and goes to the after school program. This is the least expensive of my 3 and it is over $200 per month at least. The other 2 children are either in preschool or daycare. These 2 average somewhere between $1200 to 1500 per month. The thing about this is that it is actually a lot less that some of my neighbors and friends pay. They were paying ~$1000 per kid at a daycare. I am getting by a bit easier by using a friend of the family. I work for a small company and my wife is semi part time employed so we also have to come out pocket for our health insurance. As you can imagine, a family of 5 is not inexpensive with todays healthcare cost. Throw in dental and you have another ~$1200 per month. You are almost at $35,000 a year and that does not include important things like a roof over your head, food, and clothing. Try adding in a little saved money for down the line if I want to rely on something other than our “may or may not be there” social security. It can be a bit stressful to think about these things sometimes. That’s why Jim, Jack, and Miller are good friends.

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