(Picture source: imugr)

What do we want to want?

We are so busy in our daily lives we fail to stop and question our very motives for living. We are often too busy asking ourselves the questions of what do I think I need, not fully understanding the consequences of our thoughts. I have been guilty for 35 years of my living on this planet for asking myself the wrong question everyday; one that I thought was right and that I was supposed to ask, but one nonetheless that trapped me in a vicious circle of unmet needs, wants and desires. In truth, this is the definition of unhappiness, and regrettably a definition that all too many of us live everyday.

Instead of asking what do I want or what do I need, we should be asking ourselves what do I want to want? What’s important to me and those around me? A balance in life and spirituality? Likewise do material things actually make me happy, because thats OK too! We think that we have rules and responsibilities and behaviours that we must exhibit at all times but in reality we don’t: the rules and behaviours are merely thoughts we self inflict in ourselves because again, we are asking the wrong question. Soon enough you will realise however that material wants are in vain and merely clouding your judgement of what it is your actually seeking.

So, what is it that I want to want?

  • I want to want a good family of stable but interesting people that will bring joy and thoughtful considerations to others in this world.
  • I want to want a spiritual connection of some sort to a god that I don’t think I will ever truely comprehend to know.
  • I want to want to ability to understand things I currently don’t understand
  • I want to want again, for the rest of my life.

My biggest fear is to live a life I regret, a life of busy idleness. Ultimately I believe that asking yourself what you want to want , and regularly, can help you avoid wanting the wrong things. We all have the capacity to change ourselves, to reprogram our default wants, cut through the crap and see the forrest for the trees. Why not start today?