Perfect Packaging Ideas For New Companies

If you are the entrepreneur of a start-up, you know that packaging can be one of your most pricey and tedious responsibilities. Good packaging can greatly contribute to the look, feel, and overall ambiance of your brand. However, it can also break the bank and eat up a lot of your time. If you are exploring packaging options for a new company or product, follow these tips and tricks to stand out while staying in your budget:

1) Find The Right Packaging For Each Product

Every product is different, so it is important to find the right packaging for each specific product. For instance, you may sell T-shirts, and you may sell cologne, but you would not package the two in the same way. Choose packaging that will protect your products while also giving it a little room to breathe and absorb shock should it be dropped while shipping. If your product is fragile, make sure to put extra care into padding and fluff. This is not a “one size fits all” type deal, so make sure you have flexibility and available options for all of your different products.

2) Be Bold

Your packaging, like your branding, should stand you apart from other companies. So get the team together and brainstorm ways that your packaging can capture the essence, look and feel of your company while standing out from the competition. Can you add a 3-D element? Would a stamp make the pattern stand out? Could part of the packaging be kept as a sort of souvignere of the brand? The sky is truly the limit so put your thinking cap on and get creative.

3) Cheap Supplies

Once you have the million dollar idea in your head, search for packaging supplies that won’t break the bank. Maybe you like the look of a certain box or bag that another company uses. Find a cheaper alternative and make it work for you. Remember, every cent you save is going to add up in the long run. If you can make your packaging even five cents cheaper, you’re going to be saving thousands of dollars over time, and that can really add up.

4) Be Mindful

Another aspect to consider while the packaging is sustainability. With a heavy emphasis on being environmentally friendly and conscious, now is the time to put your money into recyclable material that will put you on the map as an eco-friendly company. There is a huge demographic out there currently that will support business because they are environmentally friendly, so putting a little extra time, money, and effort into this section of your business is a long-term investment.

Overall, the moral of the story is that packaging is important and requires a lot of time, though, and attention. Your packaging should tell your story and convey who you are to your customers. It should be cost-effective and at least somewhat environmentally conscious. Regardless of how you choose to package, remember that it is an important aspect of your business and your customers WILL remember how their goods were shipped.