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By Hamid Akbari, CEO of Blanc Labs, Chairman of Velocia

Abstract: In the Age of Disruption where digital innovations are challenging traditional business models and reshaping the competitive landscape of many industries, established incumbents can proactively manage change by engaging in collaborative innovation with start-ups. In a strategic alliance, innovative start-ups offer agility, smarts, and cost-effective value to enterprises to accelerate innovation while enterprises provide expertise, customer base, and credible reputation to assist start-ups in their growth. In such iterative and collaborative relationships, businesses can survive and thrive through disruptions.

The Age of Disruption

When we stand on the shore of a lake on a clear evening, the water may look like glass. We may find comfort in the stillness and calm. We may think of coming back to the same lake day after day, even year after year, to see this same, seemingly eternal calmness. However, we know that what we see is only temporary — the slightest wind will change it — and we know that even the calm is an illusion based on our limited perspective. Under the water’s surface, there is constant movement, constant change. …


Blanc Labs

We imagine, deliver, and accelerate innovative digital solutions for the enterprise to maximize business growth.

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