Quaranthings 2 (2021) | Filipino BL Series

Quaranthings 2 (2021) | Filipino BL Series

Watch Quaranthings 2 (2021) | Filipino BL Series: Information, Details, Synopsis, Cast, Actors, Official Trailer, Aired Time, Drama, Episodes, Music, Novel.

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A year and a few months into their first real relationship. No longer living in their little bubble, can Judah and Rocky make things right?

Drama: Quaranthings 2

Country: Philippines

Episodes: 8

Aired: Nov 26, 2021 — Jan 28, 2022

Aired On: Friday

Duration: 20 min.

Native Title: Quaranthings The Series 2

Also Known As: Quaranthings Season 2 , Quaranthings The Series Season 2

Screenwriter & Director: Pancho Maniquis

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Gay Romance, Gay Male Lead, Ex-couple Relationship, Best Friends, Gay Relationship, LGBTQ+, Web Series, Housemates, COVID-19, Cohabitation (Vote or add tags)

- Quaranthings (Filipino prequel)

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