What Kind of Black Are You?
Joel Leon.

I am a beautiful kind of black.

The type that doused the heavens with diamonds in its night sky. The kind that realises that despite the heartbreak, there is an endless stream of love within her to create a universe in the soul of others.

The kind whose beauty speaks a civil war, whose freedom is not copyrighted and whose equality is not trademarked.

The kind that has lightning in her hands and thunder in her heart, unafraid to wreck the world with storms of love and wonder and awe. The kind whose bones acknowledges a self-love activism and whose self-care is radically liberating. The kind that can create a waking world freed from a ghastly freedom.

The kind that is not obligated to serve white-washed ideals and paragons of power that serve to disempower her community.

The kind that walks with happiness over her left shoulder and sadness under her foot. The kind whose choices are of unadulterated, unapologetic joy at being made beautiful.

I am that kind of black. We are all that kind of black and we are all important and beautiful and worthy of stars being created in the night sky canvas of our bodies.

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