The AI Entrepreneur’s Moral Dilemma
Robbie Allen

I think what you describe is fairly inevitable. I also think it is doubtful that most entrepreneurs would turn it down. Unlike the North Korea example you cite, they would be turning down the opportunity to help a lot of people, even if it displaced a lot of people. As an entrepreneur myself, I’d assume if I didn’t do it, somebody else would very shortly. Few ideas are really so dramatically creative that they could be isolated to one person.

The bigger question is rapidly going to be an economic and societal problem. Jobs may not be the issue, income may be. In that case, a Universal Basic Income may be the only way to handle increasingly less employable people that distributes the wealth rather than consolidating it more and more among a tiny group of individuals. If that doesn’t happen, lone gunmen won’t be the issue, wholesale revolutions will be.

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