Why speakers suck
Robbie Allen

I’m preparing to speak at my next tech conference, and all too aware of these issues. I’ve done it wrong sometimes, done it right sometimes. I’ve been too much entertainer sometimes, to little other times.

So, one thing I would add is to focus the talk, no matter how technical, more on why the audience should care, and then provide a way for them to get more information once they do care. For many presenters, they have easily ten times as much information as they should really cover in a 45 minute session. Don’t cover it all. Cover why it matters, and post the other 9/10s on your blog or on Medium or whatever. The 10% of the audience who really care can find it easily enough, and the other 90% can appreciate the talk and give you high marks. If they ever decide they really do care, they can get back to it instead of trying to remember that stuff from slide 34 six months ago.

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