Welcoming a new Public Sector specialist

We’re excited to announce that Alex Blandford is joining the Wunder Consulting team as a consultant specialising in our business with the public sector.

Alex has worked for the UK Parliament on their digital team as well as with charities and public sector specialist web agencies. His specialism is in user research and discovery phases — using qualitative research and analytics data to build a complete picture of user needs. He has worked on projects for central government departments in the UK including Cabinet Office and Ministry of Justice as well as housing associations and the NHS.

He’s helped organised events like UKGovCamp, and given talks at events including 300Seconds, Service Design in Government, CommsCamp and Parliaments on the Net.

Alex is based in Berlin, but comes back to London regularly to restock on tea bags. If you’re interested in having a chat about projects you’ve got coming up and how Wunderkraut might be able to help, then drop him a line [alex.blandford@wunder.uk] or @blangry on twitter.

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