Yearnote 2016

We’ve got a lot to get through. Main things I tackled this year:

  • Get married
  • Move countries
  • Ragequit a job
  • Set up as a freelancer
  • Keep working on government things

My projects this year were:

  • Judicial Appointments Commission
  • Democracy Club young people’s referendum participation research
  • UKTI overseas markets services research
  • BIS Portfolio delivery management
  • Ad hoc support to Forestry Law Exports, Primary Authority Register, Heat Networks Investment.

Holidays in order of sunburn:

  • Australia (shared with 2015)
  • Croatia
  • Copenhagen (more of a wedding than a holiday)
  • Görlitz, Saxony (mostly rain and wind)

Quick fire year quant:

  • Number of jobs that regularly made me feel completely useless and a professional failure: 2
  • Number of wedding celebrations: 3
  • Number of times I realised that I can’t fix anything that’s going wrong as I don’t think it is fixable with better open data or petitions or putting another form on the internet, but actually maybe doing difficult, hard, expensive things without your laptop: daily
  • Number of times young whippersnappers made me want to remind them that while we all value new ideas, sometimes thoughtful experience is as useful and maybe listen to some of that: 10+

Aims for next year:

  • Do a job that makes me feel like a non idiot human.
  • One more wedding celebration. You can never have enough (I have had enough).
  • Never move house again, fucking hell, never.
  • Learn to play the tenor guitar.


  • Dickheads
  • Circumstances