Written by Heera Shetty

As Napoleon once said, ‘‘What is history, but a fable agreed upon? By its very nature, history is always a one-sided account.” Like a coin has two sides to it, so does each story and each event in history.

Image from Kennametal.

We need to keep in mind a few things before we open our history books the next time. Historical events, at their very core, are facts that are true. They answer the fundamental question of what, when, and where it happened. But the question of how and why it happened is where things get tricky. You see…

Written by Pranav C

Football has the most infamous fanbase amongst any other sport. They’ve been known to be extremely violent and aggressive towards players and fanbases of other clubs. However, this stereotype was proven to be untrue when fans from rival clubs across three different countries came together to protest against an idea that would attack the very roots of European football.

On April 18, the “Dirty Dozen,” a group of 12 of Europe’s largest, most influential, and financially strong clubs, announced their intention to break away from the current UEFA competition structure and form their own Super League…

Written by: Rohan Kumar

As the pandemic hit the globe last year and everyone was forced to stay in their homes, the video gaming industry took off as most people found gaming to be one of the options to keep busy. So much so that even the World Health Organization encouraged video gaming as an activity to help stay safe yet to be socially connected with others.

Ray’s take on Gaming. Taken from Twitter.

Video games like Among Us and Valorant (read: Quarantine games) couldn’t have gone unheard of to us, as most of us played them or at least…

Written by Swagat Sarkar

Andy wakes up and checks his phone. He puts on his slippers and walks around till he faces himself in the mirror; that’s when everything changes. The little visible pore at the side of his nose bothers him. He thinks it makes him look hideous and ugly and like an eyesore, and that he doesn’t deserve to leave his room — just another ordinary day for Andy.

Image from Wikipedia.

Clinical psychology reviews classify body dysmorphic disorder or BDD as a mental disorder characterized by one’s obsessive idea that their appearance is severely flawed. These flaws are often not…

Written by Suprita

A group of college students, a weekend off. Vibey music fills the air in the hostel room, and everyone is huddled around a table, patiently waiting to get lit.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.


It’s a pizza!

Lmao, just kidding.

60000 uses, the supernatural ability to heal some of the deadliest diseases, a possible alternative to chemical-ridden medicines, and a savior from the growing and devastating effects of deforestation.

Yet, it’s so illegal that it’s being unearthed and studied again after almost 100 years, because of common public opinion that it’s…

Written by Sasha Thomas

As cities open and lockdowns lifted, it is worth mentioning how the dawn of the pandemic seemed uncertain and dismaying. But as with all things that take time, the different phases of quarantine have significantly shaped our lifestyles, regularising our lives to routines from home. While everything seemed apocalyptic and the world overwhelming, gaming companies paved the way for coping with the new normal. With the low price of free, several online games have become an enormous hit among us (pun intended).

Image from TifPosts

Last year five games topped the lid of expectations:

  1. Houseparty:

Initially introduced to this…

Written by: Avryl Anna Machado

Inktober is very popular in the month of October. Several artists and even non-artists participate in this month-long challenge. The challenge is very simple. Every day of the month is assigned a topic, and all you have to do is come up with an idea that relates to it. Illustrator and cartoonist Jake Parker came up with this challenge to get better at inking. Or at least, he says he did.

Jake Parker’s illustration. Image from Jake Parker’s website.

When Alphonso Dunn found similarities between his book “Pen and Ink Drawing: A Simple Guide” and Parker’s book “Inktober All Year Long: Your Indispensable Guide to Drawing with Ink”…

*National Security Law

Written by Aditya Ramesh

In today’s world, as is the case of most countries with issues, the story of Hong-Kong begins with the British. Ah ye brave and mighty Brits, conquering and bending everyone else to your will. In November 1839, the British defeated twenty-nine Chinese vessels and evacuated British refugees from Canton. British naval forces bombarded the port of Ting-hai and later captured several Chinese ports. After suffering more losses, the Chinese requested a truce in 1841. This was when Hong Kong and part of Kowloon surrendered to Britain.

Image from Nam.UK

Hong Kong remained under British rule until…

Written by Ritwik Pattnaik

“This is the final call for all passengers traveling to Mangalore on flight number..” the speaker boomed overhead as I sprinted across the airport towards gate 12. I decided to blame the endless line at the security if I failed to board the plane, thinking this excuse would sound more genuine than waking up late. The speaker repeated the announcement, and I channeled my inner athlete to run faster. My school PE teacher would have been finally proud of me if he had seen me. I could finally see gate 12 and the last few passengers…

Written by Shayan Khan and Swastika Shankar, in collaboration with LDQ, Manipal.

The discovery of speech changed the lives of humans to an extent they would have never imagined. It gave us a clear way to communicate without investing a lot of time.

With communication into perspective, the idea of transferring one’s vision also comes into one’s mind. A vision for the future, a vision for growth, and a vision for the collective progression of humanity. Sharing such ideas, thoughts, and plans often require an emotional connection between the speaker and the audience. …

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