The American Singularity — Week 64: This Isn’t My Country
Reed Galen

Hi Reed. I’ve read your fathers emails for many years; sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree. It’s all good.

On your latest missive here, the one consistent thread in most of your vignettes about each group of Americans, or visitors who stayed, etc. seems to be government in general. Government does too little. Government does too much. I don’t like what government does. etc.

I long for a day when I thought about government or some authority over me in these percentages:

60% local government including zoning and utility districts

30% State government

10% Federal government

Instead I spend more time thinking about what the Federal government is and isn’t doing 90% of the time. There is something wrong with this. Except in times of war that literally threatens the soil of America, I shouldn’t be concerned with what the Federal government is or is not doing.

It appears to me as if the majority of Federal legislators, the President (of either party), the standing bureaucracy and the Federal judiciary all believe that they govern the entire country down to the tiniest details. They ignore their core responsibilities (for a list please see the Constitution) and spend time telling us who can use which bathroom. Really?

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