When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege

I find articles like this damaging and irresponsible. All messages like yours do is convince the most down-and-out people in our country that their plight is by design, and that in order to succeed, they (meaning someone else) must first change the entire socioeconomic system in the 3rd most populated country on Earth. It’s as bad as Conservative Christian blogs that aim to display how persecuted they still are; except at the end of the day, those people’s persecutory delusions are not preventing them from taking the necessary steps to lead a life of privilege—black peoples’ are.

The problem is not so much “white privilege” as it is black irresponsibility and irreverence towards education and authority. Don’t believe me? Picture the scenario in which you spoke of a white man cutting in line, except imagine it’s a white man cutting in front of a line of 18 black people at a night club in some urban area. That man will have a lot more to worry about than someone pulling out their phone to tweet about what they just did. I’ve seen it.

I have lived in disenfranchised communities—came from extreme poverty—and if I bought into the whole victim bullshit, I’d still be sitting around waiting for someone to help me. Interestingly enough, I have experienced way more hostility and injustice from “fellow” black people than I have in majority white communities in what I used to call “hick states.”

Am I saying privilege doesn’t exist? Not at all. But it’s not as crippling, relevant, prevalent as blogs such as yours would have people believe.

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