3 things I will leave behind in 2015

I got this wonderful idea from Myleik of Curlbox and decided to implement it in my life.

We are just hours away from 2016 and the countdown has begun. I have always used New Years Eve as a day of reflection.

As I sit and watch the rain downpour outside of my window in Raleigh, North Carolina. I am drinking a cup of hot chocolate and scribbling on the back of a red envelope. I ponder what 3 things will I leave behind because it is an absolute hindrance to my growth.

Here goes:

1. Perfection — I am a perfectionist at heart. Always have been but I’ve decided to leave that behind. Perfection does not exist. Nothing I do will ever be 100% perfect. Done beats perfect! In 2016 I am going to get things done and tweet as I go.

2. Lack mentality — I am a firm believer in Jesus and the principles of the bible. However, I have been walking by sight and not my faith. I have set some HUGE goals for 2016. It will take an act of faith and courage to bring it to pass. I believe!

3. No planning — We all know if you don’t have a plan then you plan to fail. iCal and Google calendar will be my best friends in 2016. I realized I wasn’t accomplishing anything because I didn’t have clear concrete plans. I had goals but no roadmap on how to achieve those things. Each evening I will schedule my next day. Every task that I need to complete will have a timeslot on my calendar. Gone are the days of winging it!

Hope this helps! Thanks for readings and have a happy and safe New Years Eve.

Warm Regards,


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