Damn, Donald. Back at it again? 7 great definitions for you from dictionary.com. Make it an open letter. Love, Daniel.

Dear Mr. Trump,

I hope this letter finds you well. Please bear with me, I know you might not be the biggest fan of reading and this is not necessarily short or succinct. My name is Daniel. I do not know you and you do not know me BUT I have heard of you, unfortunately. But hey, you are just a person on Television to me.

Fun fact: I used to watch the Apprentice. I used to, I do not watch much reality television anymore. Nowadays, I occasionally watch stuff like this.

Also, do not get me wrong. Colbert is a television personality who I do not take seriously. More often than not, I take what he says with a grain of salt (a giant one, actually), just as I do with you and most other politicians. . .

You’re fired!” was one of the famous lines you used to say on there. I believe that being blunt can sometimes be warranted.. so I used to enjoy the show.

Love the entertainment you have provided to me the years. Heck, to be quite honest, I still love and get a slight kick out of the “entertainment” you provide Americans with nowadays. Even if it can be distasteful and somewhat scary.

But dang. Well, more like damn, actually. You are making the headlines. And trumping the polls and the Republican competition. Damn, Donald. But is it fame or infamy? I guess I am trying to figure out how substantial sh*t talking about people’s families and faces is suppose to make America great again. . ? Win you the presidency and manipulate the media for millions of dollars of free advertising maybe, but I just do not see how it will work with Putin.

BUT, do not get me wrong. I am not a staunch supporter of Clinton, either. Nor am I fully feeling the bern. I disagree with them and Cruz on a lot.

Who am I, though, you ask? Daniel, a proud American and concerned citizen.

I know our country is far from perfect, but it is for sure greater than many. My mother and her immediate family are legal citizens. In fact, my mother’s legal age is 65 and she recently begun to receive social security. Which is good, because she does not work and is not where she could be with her health at the moment. Fortunately, our relatives and her siblings are quite supportive. Some of them happen to be small business owners. I think the free market forces are important. My mother and her immediate family lost everything in the third world country they called home, before they came to the states.

They arrived to this country right before Ronald Reagan assumed the presidency. Reagan was followed by his vice-president, also a Republican. Following him was a Democrat and then a Republican. And now, as you are well aware, we have a Democrat in the white house. You once wanted to see his birth certificate. Not too long ago, he proclaimed this. I hope he’s right.

And I hope anyone who might be reading this does not get the sense that any of this is anything more than that, just like the polite person who I met yesterday in Orange County, a kind lady who happen to be a long-time supporter of yours. She was awesome, but I definitely did not agree with her about the fact that you might be qualified for president. I do not think you are.

Here are 7 things that I do think you are though, at least by definition:

A. . .

  1. Racist (and, by extension, an Islamophobe)


2. Sexist. I don’t think I need to provide a link for this, I don’t agree with Ted Cruz on everything but I think it’s very unclassy to talk about his wife, Megyn Kelly, or Carly Fiorina as you have.


3. Demagogue


4. Bully (Ted Cruz would agree with me on this one)


5. [Effective] Rhetorician (unfortunately, I mean.. look at the polls!)


6. Privileged [Person]


7. Inconsistent

Because you were formerly liberal.


And I do not consider liberal a bad word, as some of your supporters might. You were once a registered democrat, though. So let us not pretend you are someone who is more consistent or credible than Mitt Romney was in 2012.

Anyways, a bit about me: I love America and what the constitution actually delineates. And look, I want America to be great again too.

Yet I do not think your politics or personal philosophy are aligned with those of our founding fathers. Furthermore, I think your inner constitution is in no way a reflection of the vision of our country which men like George Washington had in mind as they thought to conjure ideas for something which would be for the people and by the people.. in tandem with important ideas and powerful points like no taxation without representation.

I am not at the dinner table right now, I am at a coffee shop. Either way, I am not suppose to talk about sex, religion, or politics. Nevertheless, I keep hearing, for better or worse, news about your politics. Every damn day. And I wanted to write this to express that I am sick and tired of your damn tweets.

Sanders might be sick and tired of Clinton’s damn emails, but I am sick and tired of you popping up in my newsfeed.

You might be a front-runner for president now, but we can agree to disagree about certain things. And I hope you can hear me out on what I have to say, just as I have had to hear from news publications about what you have to say.

I think your style of politics characterizes the exact thing which many people despise and disown about the American Government in Washington, D.C. Because I believe you do not represent most Americans well, at all.

And I look at your polls every now and then so you do not need to remind me that they might be great and/or rising. Because I think other things (aside from ISIS and I agree with you that they are a real threat) are rising too:

Courtesy of Microsoft Paint and a Google Search. Again, you really are making headlines. Not sure how our Northern neighbors might feel about this, though. By the way, being infamous is different famous.. even if you get free advertising.

So will the Real Donald Trump, please stand up? Because you pulling off the white house would be one of the greatest heists in American history.

And because Daniel (me) is damn tired of the lame rhetoric and you are not making America great, you are making Americans consider Canadian visas.

By the way, it is not a merely matter of political correctness. It’s also, about respect. And you are far beneath the dignity of the office of president.

After all, you hardly respect your own party, your peers within it, and the sense of principle which Republicanism is suppose to stand for.

Your own party may have to acquiesce your procurement of the nomination as an unfortunate reality, but they do not respect you and nor do I.

You are a prejudiced demagogue with inordinate privilege who understands rhetoric but lacks consistency and, in all likelihood, a conscience.

P.S. You have a huge head. It’s okay though, I do too (literally) and most bike helmets did not fit great growing up. I was born in California and I was 9 pounds at birth (my mom occasionally reminds me I was heavy). If you want to see my birth certificate, please feel free to send me an email at ladp@uci.edu.


A Concerned American Citizen named Daniel