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Reading Blogs Will Change Your Life: 27 of the Best Blogs

Originally written, March 27th 2017

Blogs are the best thing to happen since the internet. I have learned more from reading blogs then I ever learned in high school and I’ll you why…


The shared community with other people who are like you is reason enough to read a blog and plus it’s just fun finding new ideas.

Books usually communicate a set of ideas a writer has and are written months or years in advance. Blog posts are a snapshot into the writers mind at the time it they were written. You are reading what the authors thoughts were at the moment he wrote and published his article.

A good blog will have many images, videos and podcasts that you could never get through a book, making the whole blog medium feel…


Below are the best blogs on the internet. These are in no particular order other than the the Top 3.


1. Bold And Determined

The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of All Blogs

B&D is great because everything about it is simple yet polished. Everything about the website, fits to a T. The writing, design, logos, product placement, EVERYTHING A+++.

As you read the blog from the beginning you watch Victor Pride go from zero to Millionaire.

My all-time favorite B&D article is Bum Mentality

That article changed my life forever and its the reason why I’m leaving the Navy forever and have my own business. It tells you the difference between the rich and the poor. It tells you why the successful don’t listen to the masses. Bum Mentality takes you on a journey whether you know it or not by showing you were you are and where you could be if you would just put in the consistent die-hard work to succeed. Victor said himself that its the pinnacle of B&D.

I also recommend The Metamorphosis, this article was the pre-cursor to NEW WORLD RONIN and is a must read for killers who want to change their lives forever.

B&D has two of the best ebooks I’ve ever seen in Body of a Spartan and 30 Days of Discipline, Body of A Spartan make you look like a warrior badass in 4–6 hard months and give you muscles like these:

I pick things up and put them down.

30 Days of Discipline is a system of habits you can build from to really feel good about yourself and become a better and more confident man. I often take habits from 30 DoD and adapt them into my own system. You need 30 Days of Discipline because the most successful people in the world each have a system that works for them just as Scott Adams pointed out in his book.

B&D motto is “Beat the 9 to 5 jive” and so they give you the opportunity to sign up for their BADNET service. BADNET is a service B&D offers that for a nominal fee (hosting $10) they set up a wordpress blog, with your own domain name.

They give you a set of books for free called “Spartan Entrepreneur” which tells you how to start a blog and make it a great blog.

BADNET set-up Blood, Fire, & Soul when it was still called Death And Rebirth.

BADNET saved me a ton of time and money and got me up and running.

B&D has a ton of high quality content, the podcast called the “FULL COLOR GODCAST” is amazing. Its unlike any podcast out there, thats the only way to describe it. It’s just Victor Pride fielding questions and speaking his way to the answer. Again, this podcast is one-of-a-kind.

Victor Pride just released a revolutionary book called New World Ronin:

The book is why I’ve written 30 posts since November. More than the last year combined.

I’ve written 29 articles and 1 Sales Letter since reading New World Ronin in November. Read the damn book! @VICTOR_PRIDE #NWR
— Marcus Harris (@MarcusTheSwift) January 31, 2017

Overall B&D completely changed my life and was my first real introduction to the “Manosphere”. B&D is without a doubt the best self-improvement website in internet history.

2. Danger And Play

I love this blog because the content is clear and actionable, the author Mike Cernovich has an array of content that covers every topic imaginable and over a 1000 articles. Danger and Play has some of the best content on the internet for men.

“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.” Friedrich Nietzsche

You may know him from his incredible Twitter feed:

Mike Cernovich Hits 200,000 Twitter Followers, Over 6 Million Page Views in Day
— David Keener (@redneek24) February 4, 2017

Mike has great books mindset and setting the course for your life by mastering your mind. Gorilla Mindset changed the way I think. You see, no one ever tells you that you can actually control what the fuck you think. MAGA Mindset is book about the past US election cycle detailing how Trump won the game. Lastly we have Essays On Masculinity which is a collection of the best content on Danger and Play and a great introduction to his work.

Danger and Play has something for everyone, so even if you aren’t fully “red-pill” theres plenty for you if you want to know about things like TRT or fitness. Mike has guest writers that include a Neuro-Surgeon and a columnist for many fitness publications, Alex Cortes.

3. Good Looking Loser

This website is absolutely guaranteed to get you laid if you follow the advice. Chris “The Good Looking Loser” has the most actionable content I’ve ever seen. If you’re like me and have tried the PUA snake oil, GLL will be very refreshing for you.

This is practical guy game, before GLL I didn’t really have game at all and this website helped me get laid after a long drought. Everything you could ever need to attract women is on here.

There are tips to improve your style, hair-loss prevention, diet, fitness, supplements, penis enhancement (that works!), dude its all on here!

All the stuff that the more PC “Men’s” websites would not touch is all on here. There is nudity on here so be advised.

The forum is probably the best part of GLL because you get to talk to guys who think like you and some of them are probably in your city. Gives you access to cool people and maybe potential wing-men or business partners. GLL is the only site you need to conquer women.

4. Illimitable Man

IM is the purveyor of this site and I haven’t spent much time reading his work outside of Twitter. From the little time I’ve spent on his site I can tell its the most thorough Red Pill resource on the internet. I.M. has an uncanny ability to take complicated social dynamics like Dark Triad psychology and break it down into Layman’s terms. This guy drips with game and you can see it in his writing. I’ve listened to his podcasts with Donovan Sharpe and came away very impressed with his insight into the Red Pill

If you want to know the WHY behind the Red Pill READ Illimitable Men.

5. Dark Triad Man

In a world where pussified bitch titted motherfuckers run rampant Dark Triad Man Ivan is here to clean house.

What I like about the blog is the blog is about being the man, the “bad guy”. allowing the beast, the primal man to take hold and allowing it to assert dominance in your life.

DTM is the window into becoming the Bad Guy women love, faggots hate, and liberals fear.

6. Jack Murphy Live

Jack Murphy is the real deal, he’s a former COO and executive for a few large companies. He talks about Sex and just life in general. I love his blog because unlike the obvious hyper gimmicky self-improvement blogs out there Jack puts his baggage out there.

He talks openly about his divorce and layoffs, something most people would never do. Not to mention he’s a nice down to earth man that people respect.

Highly recommend his blog!

7. Charles Sledge

The most impressive out of all the newer blogs (within the last year). I found out about it because Charles linked to one of my best articles on his weekly round-up. The Weekly Round-up are all articles, podcasts, and books he read during the week. Tremendous value! I mean think about it: why spend hours looking through blogs when you can just see the highlight articles of the week? Huge time savings here.

I’m a very visual sort of guy and the blog font, color scheme, and content placement all fits very nicely. This blog is going to be a heavyweight contender in the future.

8. Calm and Collected

A killer, clean, and collected website by Dylan Madden. It was called Way of The Olympian which was a good blog. This re-branded version is GREAT.

Dylan spent a long time with the greatest blog artist alive and it shows. His writing is polished and website is nice and clean.

Dylan has been blogging and hustling for a while and everything he writes about when it comes to owning You, Inc. he’s done himself.

Pay attention to this blog and you will find yourself with a lot more of freedom than you got now.

9. Goldmund Unleashed

Written by the Most Interesting Man in the World. Goldmund has a way of conveying a feel in his writing that I haven’t seen elsewhere. He makes you feel like you are right there in the club with him talking up some cute girls.

The interesting thing about this blog is he details and chronicles not only his experiences in the pick-up scene but also his emotions at the time.

The website has a dank, cool, relaxed feel. If you are into learning game and love adventure; follow this man.

10. This Is Trouble

Kyle is an International Playboy and Entrepreneur. His writing style is straight forward; the way you would talk to a friend. Kyle has been everywhere around the world and so he talks about picking up girls in various countries while running a business.

His business advice is timeless maybe even better than the posts about Game. Hell, you need to be stable with the $$$ to pursue game in earnest anyway.

He also offers consulting at a reasonable price and has book called King’s Code, which is about having your own harem. This book tells you how to MAINTAIN women, something you really don’t see many guys talking about. You learn how to have a main girl and a few side chicks. Really really interesting stuff.

Kyle is probably one of the top 10 guys that spit international game today. Follow his blog and sign up for his newsletter.

11. Black Dragon

Very very good dating blog. Black Dragon breaks down the relationships the same way IM breaks down the Red Pill. Very thoroughly.

His advice about soft “nexting” is interesting. Don’t contact the girl for 4 months after a break up and her attraction will only increase. Lots of content here. Check it out if you need some help maintaining your relationship(s).

12. Roosh V

Daryush Valizadeh is hated by many and loved by a few. He is the most recognizable name in the manosphere and the creator of Return Of Kings.

Roosh has been in the PUA / Red-Pill community for years and its fair to say he’s made a name for himself.

Roosh is a Micro-Biologist and Pick-Up Artist. He’s written many books on game most notably “Bang” and “Day Bang”. I’ve read both books and they are the best books on game out there today.

He takes a slightly analytical approach to his articles, probably due to his background as a scientist. He’s one of the best non-fiction writers I’ve ever read due to his ability to communicate difficult subjects in a way people can understand. He fits talk of girls, and self-improvement in the context of western civilization, where it’s been and where it’s going.

Reading ROK and Roosh’s work has done alot for me and has helped me understand why society hates men so much and where to go from here.

Reading Roosh’s work is a must if you are man who believes in true masculinity and free speech!

13. Business and Bullets

Lloyd is a traditional business owner and he’s a hunter and gun enthusiast.

I love guns too and Lloyd’s knowledge off the subject is quite deep. The blog is very simple and the content is good, there are some real gems on this gems on Business and Bullets. It’s all because he’s a real everyday dude with a family he provides for. It shows in his writing.

14. Andreia Thoughts

Extremely well written, definitely a step above most blogs on this list. Good design, GREAT NAME!

This blog is going to be a Heavyweight in the future for sure. I love how the Vincent inspires me even when talking about emotional issues. In particular his articles on porn has really helped with my own porn addiction and figuring out how to deal with it in constructive ways.

This blog will move inspire you because Vincent is the real deal.

15. Artful Man

Artful Man is a Myers-Briggs wizard and a killer artist and designer. Unfortunately, he doesn’t blog alot but what he has written is pretty damn good.

16. The G Manifesto

If Goldmund Unleashed is the most interesting man in the world then Michael Mason is the Most Interesting Man in the Universe. He has a most entertaining and insightful Twitter account.

Judging from what I’ve read, Michael’s game is on the same level as Mystery in “The Game” or Scotty from Good Looking Loser. His advice on dating is on point and much more advanced than the standard fair PUA stuff.

He hasn’t updated the blog in a few years but hey, whats on here is really fucking good. It’s so good that girls of all people are confirming he’s right in his comment section! How’s that for social proof?

17. Domain King

Learn how to pick domain names! Domains are real estate! Thats the motto of the (now retired) Domain King.

This guy bought and back in the 90’s and made millions. Read this blog if you want to do some domain speculation.

18. John Doe Body Building

You don’t need another bodybuilding blog or website, just go here. Look, most of the guys on mainstream bodybuilding websites and magazines are on steroids. John Doe has been a Men’s Figure competitor and has the most impressive physique I’ve seen at 5’8 200 lbs. Dude’s a tank.

I’ve put some serious muscle on my body following his advice and I bet you will too.

19. Breaking Your Illusions

Titus, the purveyor of Breaking Your Illusions is a smart guy. I like his content and the way he writes about the self improvement he does himself. He has interesting posts about Neuro Science and brain training. Definitely worth a look.

20. Delicious Tacos

I love this guy

Dude is hilarious and all his posts (or most) are about fucking. DT’s posts and sick humor will grow on you the more you read the twisted shit he types up.

Fucking love this guy.

21. Chateau Heartiste

If you want pure and unvarnished truth about women and society at large. Go here.

Heartiste is the most brutally honest out of all the manosphere sites and something on here is certain to ruffle your feathers. You gotta love the honesty. This website symbolizes the red pill in all its glory. You will learn so much about women, the good side of tribalism and the dark side of diversity.


This dude is a fucking maniac, he blog posts frequently, he writes for several well know pubs and he has a podcast and email list.

He does this stuff DAILY. 3 emails DAILY, incredible output for sure!

Alex has a nice stripped down approach to fitness: no whistles, no bells, no bullshit. You get exactly what you need to accomplish your fitness goals. He tells you what you need to hear.

Alex also writes for Danger and Play and is doing a killer job.

Unlike John Doe, Alex is about overall health and fitness while JDB is centered around Bodybuilding.

Both are great, pick one or both. Alex has been in the fitness industry forever and you should definitely sign up for his email list.

23. Loner Wolf

I’m a deeply spiritual man and this blog resonates with me in a lot of ways. Luna & Sol has been around for a while and is probably the most recognizable spiritual blog next to Spirit Science.

Spirituality often seems isolated from everyday life and Luna & Sol try to bridge that gap. This could very well be my favorite blog next to B&D because reading it gives me a nice feeling.

The interface is light and appropriate for the subject matter. You enjoy this blog if you are open to spirituality stuff like, meditation, chakras, crystals, and the like.

24. Iron and Tweed

Iron and Tweed taught me how to dress myself like a man.

Most men don’t take the time to look good and I was one of them until I came across I&T. Imagine having maybe 10 wardrobe pieces and having 30 outfits from those pieces!

Iron and Tweed will teach you how to look good for cheap or at least without wasting alot of money on items you can’t wear with alot of outfits.

Mandatory for any liquid playboy.

25. Wall Street Playboys

These guys are the real wolves of wall street, they will deal it to you straight. If you want to know how to make and keep money. Not to mention make money work for you. You need to read this blog.

26. Ed Lattimore

Ed Lattimore is a Heavyweight boxer and Scientist who took the red pill a while ago. His tweets are full of old-school wisdom:

What I like most about Ed, is he’s a winner in the ring and in life. He imparts what he has learned through tweets and concise posts.

27. Blood, Fire, & Soul

No list would be complete without my blog. 27 is my age, 2 + 7 is 9. I was born in September which is 9.

Nine is the number of visionaries and mystics.

I’ve been a lone wolf all my life and my blog is my catharsis, its where I can commune with my fellow wolves and speak my way to the answer.

Speaking my way to the answer is how I have a clear vision for the future. What’s your vision, what do you seek? The answer is your life mission.


When you read blog posts from real people in real-time you get a feel for their momentum. You will start to understand how to create momentum in your own life.

You want to get the best information to achieve true self-mastery and you must be picky with sources. I have read every single blog on this list and I can honestly say that every one of them is of the highest quality you are going to find anywhere.

Most mainstream blogs like Vice and Medium have many writers and churn out generic, impersonal content.

When you follow real people, watch what they go through and apply the lessons they learn to your own life: you are far ahead of the Average Joe.

In fact you are many steps ahead of the guy that still reads the newspaper or watches the news to get information.

Don’t forget to enjoy your journey to Self-Mastery, this shit is fun.

Good Luck Cowboy.