My First Time: How Blast Saved My Life (Kinda’)

I received this note in our feedback email inbox two days ago. After carefully reviewing and after receiving permission from the sender we agreed to publish this story to show one amazing use case of our product. All names and exact details have been eradicated to protect the original publisher’s identifity. Hope you enjoy and share with friends!

From: Blast User

To: Team Blastchat

Subject: Thanks!

Last night I went to a friend’s show in Brooklyn, he makes music. While backstage he and his band were all smoking weed and eating edibles. I am not a smoker. In fact, I’d never smoked weed in my life. I never understood why people smoked weed but my friend says it helps him with his creative process and I get it but it never my thing.

The drummer of his band throws me a ziplock bag. In it, two brownies. My initial reaction was “nah” and I was going to throw the ziplock back over to him but I had been prescribed some antibiotics two days prior and the doctor told me I couldn’t drink any alcohol. So I held onto the brownies because I needed some type of buzz. It was Saturday and I wanted to enjoy myself but more importantly, I wanted to enjoy my friends performance.

I don’t know how brownies work, so I ate a full one, in like 5 seconds and everyone started laughing. My friend yelled to the drummer “Brah, did you give him Batch Z”. He said yeah, he did give me Batch Z and my friend started freaking out because he knew I’d never smoked weed before. And I’m not exactly sure what “Batch Z” was but I was feeling totally normal so I told my friend to relax.

They were rolling up backwoods and started smoking some weed called “Girl Scout Cookies”. I still hadn’t felt any difference so I asked if I could hit it too, so I did. Again, again and again. Between the three backwoods that were rolled, I think I took a total of 16 hits. I started to feel a transformation after the third hit but I had to mentally trick my brain into believing I was fine because I didn’t want these dudes to see me trip. I’d never smoked weed but I saw a few of my friends trip out before. I remember my friend James holding his entire family hostage with the TV remote. It was pretty funny.

It was their time to go on stage, so I went to get a spot near the front of the audience. When their show began I had recorded a video and blasted it to my friends. — Blastchat is a mobile app that allows you to send updates to all of your friends via push notification and get individual responses a second later. It’s like BCC on email but for mobile.— One of the responses I got a few seconds after I sent my blast was from this girl that lives in my apartment building in Newark, NJ. I liked this girl a lot so I was happy to know that she was at show as well. We were chatting for a while and she offered to give me a ride home. At this point, I was high as hell and extremely paranoid and knew I wouldn’t be able to catch a train back to NJ. So thanks to Blast, I’d scheduled a ride back home. Whew!

When the show was over, I tried looking for her and I couldn’t find her. She’d given me her number on Blast and told me to text her but she wasn’t responding to my text. And as I was leaving the building, there she was in the front waiting for me. She had a friend in the front seat so I hoped in the back. We started driving and she put on Draco by Future and her friend in the front seat started dancing. But this wasn’t just any type of dancing; she was moving her hands like an opera instructor and every 4 seconds she would put a different one of her fingers in her mouth. At this point, I am not sure what is going on. At first I thought I was just making this up in my head because I was so high so I kept rubbing my eyes like they do in the movies when they see something severely unusual. It didn’t work and I knew I was tripping but these girls seemed like they were on acid or something. I was scared af!

We pulled up to her friends apartment to drop her off and she asked me to sit in the front and told me that she’s going upstairs to use the bathroom and would be right back. We were still in Brooklyn on one of those small but extremely busy one way streets. We were pulled over to the right side of the street with our hazards on. The cars began flooding in with each car having to precisely squeeze their car in between our car and the car opposite of us that was legally parked. No big deal I thought, at first.

But as each driver rode passed, they beeped and even screamed at me which began giving me anxiety. And for some reason I thought the cops were going to come so I started freaking out even more. But what came down the road was something much worse than the police, it was a bus, a whole bus.

The bus was too massive to get by so the driver started to beep his horn absurdly. I didn’t know what to do so I got out the car and started to see if the girl was on her way; she wasn’t. I decide to move the car and I hopped in the driver seat.

Still high, I turned the engine on and when I went to put the car in drive, I realized it’s a stick shift. The last time I drove a stick shift was my first and only time I’d ever done it, nearly 8 years ago when my step dad taught me. After playing with it for a while, I managed to get the car moving but there were loud noises which obviously meant that I was doing something wrong.

My plan was to find a parking spot on the same street but there weren’t any available and I ended up on a main road with traffic lights. I thought I could easily make it back to her street but after turning on three consecutive one way streets I realized that I was now lost.

I grabbed my phone and tried calling her but two seconds after pressing “call” I heard a loud noise that scared the heck out of me. It was her phone, she left it in the car with the ringer all the way up. My first thought was, man these girls are going to think I stole their car and I started freaking out even more. I’m not religious but the first thing I did and the only thing I could do was to start talking to God; promising him that I’d change my life if he’d get me out of this jam.

I picked up her phone and I realized it wasn’t locked. Meaning, I didn’t have to put in a passcode to use it. And to be completely honest, the first thought in my mind after knowing her phone was unlocked was to look through her pictures for nudes, but I didn’t. Instead, I tried calling the last 3 girl names that I seen in her call log and no one answered. I pulled over and was about to call the police and turn myself in before things got crazy.

But before I pressed call, her phone started ringing and it was her calling from her friends phone. I told her what had happened and she was surprisingly cool after that. We met up and drove back the apartment.

By far the craziest night of my life. But it was better than having to catch the train. Thanks Blast! I had to share this with you all!