I want to thank all of you who donated to our Kickstarter. However, we weren’t fortunate enough to reach our milestone. As I mentioned in the update on Kickstarter, your money should be returned from Kickstarter. For those who donated $100 — if you can afford it, go have a night out with someone you care about and let them know you appreciate them. For those who donated $5, give it away to someone on the street. I’m sure they will appreciate it. I will remember you all, forever!


As many of you know we were raising the cash to continue to keep our service running. Unfortunately, Chancity of the KinnyTips team spotted an error in our security protocols and alerted us. We immediately removed our app from both app stores as we couldn’t afford and weren’t aware of the many free tools available to keep users information secure. So please take the proper steps the KinnyTips team mentioned in this article they had written up:


We are in the process of getting a small loan from family and friends to take care of these issues as we prepare to relaunch Blastchat in October.


As many of you know we’ve been working on Blastchat for the last 4 years. And after thousands of hours of research we believe we have built one of the most effective, efficient, and authentic places to communicate online. And because of this opportunity we have with the KIN Foundation, it will soon become one of the most rewarding as users will soon be able to earn KIN for the time, energy, ideas, opinions, and creativity they share on Blastchat. This KIN can be spent on gift cards from companies like Amazon, Uber, AMC, Airbnb, and more. These are some revolutionary times as we prepare to disrupt traditional online advertising business models. We are excited to join the efforts to make KIN the most used cryptocurrency in the WORLD!


Jhamar from Blastchat!