Thanks All!

What’s up?

I’m sure many of you have been paying attention to what has been going on at Uber in the past couple of weeks or so. If not, I’ll give you a recap. First, a former Uber employee wrote a blog post about her horrific experience dealing with sexual harassment while working for the company. This was followed by another Uber employee writing an anonymous blog post explaining her terrifying experience dealing sexual harassment as well. Then an Uber exec left the company after having been previously accused of sexually harassing employees while working at Google. The straw that broke the camels back — (I hate corny phrases like that, but I am too lazy to think of another) was when Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber was caught on video arguing with his very own Uber driver. In the video, the brave driver asked the CEO about the falling prices and he shared how he went bankrupt as a result of promises that weren’t kept by Uber. And here was the CEO’s response:

“Some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own shit,” he said. “They blame everything in their life on somebody else. Good luck!” Then he slammed the door.

To say I that I am disgusted by his actions is an understatement. What gives a CEO the courage to talk to one of his employees, I mean “contractors” that way? What enraged me even more was finding out that early Uber drivers, I mean really early/day one drivers were not compensated for their sacrifices and effort to help Travis Kalanick build his dream company. In my eyes, they were just as important as the early angel investors who pumped tens of thousands of dollars into the company.

I guess this is the nature of business. However, this is not the nature of my business. When building any company it starts with an idea. Just an idea that appears out of thin air. Based on that idea, you create a vision and then you begin building. Once the product is built, your role as CEO and founder is to find other people who share your vision. I am sure many of you already knows what our vision is but just in case you don’t, here it is:

On the culture side, our vision is a to build a company that is based on these five core values:

  1. Embrace Diversity: Always be curious and open minded
  2. Embrace Failure: Failure can be a good thing if done right
  3. Everyone Matters: Every role in this company matters! You are important
  4. Logic Wins: Be smart!
  5. User Obsession: We must be obsessed with making our users lives better

On the business side, our vision is to connect the world faster than any other time in human history. It’s a grandiose goal but it’s doable. We want to dominate the alert/push notification market. Many people don’t know there is a push notification market but there is. Our goal is to have a quasi-monopoly on all push notifications that are sent on smart phones. We will do this by offering a suite of products that will improve the daily lives of everyone in the world, even people who don’t own smartphones. Our first product is Blastchat, this is the vehicle that will lead us to create a suite of Blast products that will change the world. We currently have Blast Classifieds which allows college students to connect with each other. We are working on Blast Safety which allows women to send emergency alerts when they feel they are in danger. Blast Marketplace and Blast Buy will allow people and small businesses to sell their items faster than ever before. Blast Enterprise will allow companies and organizations to send alerts directly to their members devices. And there are many more Blast products in store that will make us tons of money.

However, this mission is not possible without you all and all I want to say is thank you! I’m sure you all are familiar with the law of diffusion of innovation. If you aren’t, all it is is a product adoption curve which tries to explain how, why and at what rate new ideas and technology spread. Without boring you with too much industry jargon, the process goes as follows:

We are at the most important moment in the cycle, the early adopters, which are you all. There are three type of people in the world. There are:

  1. Ones who play the game
  2. Ones who watch the game
  3. Ones who have no idea the game is being played

Myself being an innovator and you as an early adopter are both the ones who play the game. We understand the vision and what the future is going to look like. So your presence means so much more to me than you think. So much so that I want to reward you by giving you ownership in the company just for simply being an early adopter and using the product. It’s so simple, keep using the product and you will own a piece of the company. You’ve known I tried efforts like this in the past, like the Blastchat Co-op and it failed because we lacked consistency. But here is my way of paying it back to you for being the most important people in my life at the moment.

Send an email to — Include your name and user number which is located at the right of your profile page. And I’m going to keep these names of 20, 50 or 100 people on an excel sheet and we will figure out a way to repay you for your loyalty and support of my vision to make the world a more connected place.

Thanks all!