BD Points

2 min readFeb 21, 2024


BD points will go live on with Blast main net launch. Points provide an answer to the question of how much a user has contributed to the Blastdomains ecosystem’s success.


Users can earn points on Blastdomains by buying .blast domains and referring new users using their referral link. These points will be an effective way to reward loyal and hard working users without discouraging the new users who join Blastdomains.

Points Dashboard

You will be able to access your points dashboard on
The dashboard will show you your collected amount of points, not including points multiplier which will be added after BD points event ends.
And your position in the leaderboard!

How It Works

Holding any domains on earns points:

  • holding a 3 character .blast domain, 40 points per domain.
  • holding a 4 character .blast domain, 15 points per domain.
  • holding a 5(+) character .blast domain, 1 point per domain.
  • domains sale done through your referral link, 1 point per domain bought using your referral link.


Person A bought 2, 3 character domains 5, 5(+) character domains and brought 25 domain sales through his referral link.
This would earn him a total of 150 BD Points.

Later these points are going to be swapped to $BD tokens and airdropped to holders wallets.
More points = more $BD tokens.

OG Points

All pre-registration holders will receive a substantial points multiplier as a gesture of appreciation for showing your trust from day 1!

Points Multiplier

Points multiplier will increase the total amount of points you collected, depending how many tasks you’ve done from the provided list:

— Blastscore competition winner
— MetaverseHQ competition winner
— Zealy competition winner
— Galxe OAT holder
— Pre-registration participant
— Winner from Discord/Twitter/Telegram Competitions
— Many more tasks announced in the future


$BD will be distributed via multiple Airdrops.
First Airdrop is planned for Late Q1- Early Q2 2024.
You can read more about it, in our previous article:




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