WEB 3:


According to Werner Vermaak..

Web 3.0 is the upcoming third generation of the internet where websites and apps will be able to to process information in a smart human-like way through technologies like machine learning.

In simplier words, web 3 is amore independent and decentralized internet where nobody is in control.

The internet today (web 2) have a major flaw that need to be made right.

It is centralised…

The power to control the data of numerous individuals who use the internet is in the hands of the centralised body or the owners of the platform…

CREDIBILITY: Sieving the grain from the shaft.

Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency adoption as been in the rise lately. And with this rise came the Influx of credible and con people alike.

Genuine developers, who are developing tangible products and solutions for problems are mixed with rogues whose major goal is be to benefit financially.

How then do we (ordinary investors) differentiate between a good and a copy cat project.

The answer is we CAN’T.

We can only try as it is to research extensively before investing our hard earned money.

What then is the use of reading this article?



The crypto currency space had been all about dogecoin these past few days because of its surge in price.

So I thought,

You might want to know the reasons behind t increase in price and adopt


But, if you will like to know?

We will be looking at the “speculative” reason(s) for the increase in the price of Elon’s favourite coin.

  1. The Dogecoin marketing strategy
  2. The usual whale-baiting strategy
  3. Altseason

To expatiate these three points above, I will pick them one at a time.

Let’s have…

Tobi Obiniyi

Blockchain technology copywriter @tobyblast on twitter

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