how it all began

I wrote creatively for the first time when I was six year old. I was in the first grade. We kept journals made from brightly colored construction paper and newsprint paper, folded in half, and stapled at the crease. I recall it was something about a rainbow and a unicorn, but the teachers were impressed that a first grader could rhyme, I guess? They published it in the school newsletter, which I thought was weird, and still do. I didn’t write much more until the fifth grade when I began to write what I learned years later had a name- fanfiction. I continued to do a lot of that throughout middle school, and even ventured into creating my own characters, rather than others developed by more experienced writers. In middle school, I also began to dabble with poetry. I became obsessed with poetry until I was about fifteen. From then on, I wrote sporadically. Mostly poetry, but of course, once a year, I would attempt National Novel Writing Month. In college, I took an introduction to creative writing class, which stretched my creative mind back to writing habitually again.

I’ve started to read personal essays within the last four years of my life. I find them fascinating, how people can turn the mundane into something poetic and could be mistaken for fiction. My obsession with the HBO show, GIRLS, amplified my want to dabble in personal essay writing. My photographs and I had also been picked (but since been dropped, at least the photo aspect to keep the things strictly prose) to participate in an online literary zine called The Inner Condition. I’ve since become a little bit more comfortable sharing my words with few so if you stumble upon this and enjoy the words, cool. If not, cool, too. I’m here to keep track of how I continue to evolve.