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Photo by J. Curtis


I downshifted into the corner. The waving — no vibrating — mirror barely held the image of my assailant. He was gaining.

With a quick right then a left I was again a length or two ahead..

I leaned into let the wind flow over my immaculate machine. We were one, the car and me. We held fast to the road even as the machine rolled and flexed around me.

The ground almost seemed light shag carpet as it flew beneath. But I barely had time to glance. In the mirror I saw him gaining. Now he was beside me.

Our elbows close as he edged up. He smiled at me, that toothless grin.

I leaned. He leaned. I turned wide and he closed in.

I could see the checkered flag in sight. It would be a neck-in-neck race. A photo finish.

We both leaned down, the sound of our engines so loud I could barely hear his laughter. We were both giddy.

And all at once he turned into me. The walls of my cardboard car crumpled. He lept over the side and into my lap.

We both won that race. Maybe me a bit more.

J. Curtis is writer and product developer living in the East Bay. He’s always hatching another story idea and balancing a dozen interesting projects at work and home.

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