I’ve been having thoughts for quite some time of starting a blog and finally decided tonight is the…
Blaugha Besch

Maybe this isn’t quite what I had in mind. Not sure as of yet but we’ll see. Suppose I’ll just dive in and share what brought me here. One guess and I’m sure you all will know…yes, of course…love. The confusing, frustrating emotion we all crave, dream and hope for. And why exactly is that I wonder? Do we like being driven completely mad? Do we dream of going to the depths of insanity with hopes of becoming so miserable with uncertainty our only rescue seems to be to voluntarily check ourselves into the local hospital for mental health care? We all know the story of Men are from Mars blah blah blah…but I can’t seem to understand why….WHY men can’t grasp the concept of reassuring women. Or honesty. And of course communication. Yes I know, I know we’ve puzzled these questions for ages and still have yet to surface the answers which in our opinion are quite obvious. So why, if we can see the horizon so clearly, men are blinded by the light?

Hold that thought while I walk the dog. She has needs as well.