in my day

Dear Maddy,

I agree with you, you were looking bloated.

While i don’t think you were looking for advice, I had the urge to chat you and ask if you were drinking enough water, if you think maybe you were drinking booze too often. It’s like I have a physical craving to tell you that you remind me of me when i was younger.

I understand that when old people want to say hey, you remind me a lot of me, we don’t really want to tell someone else anything. What we really want is the chance to talk at our younger selves.

I can just barely stop myself from reaching out to you because i can’t really see a point to doing so. Do i want to warn you to change your ways lest end up like me? Will telling you about the choices i made during my youth and the prices i believe I’m paying because of them going to in any way serve you?

No, i think my desire to tell you this stuff is to bring your attention to the fact that i feel connected to you. And if that’s the reason i want to reach out to you, reaching out is an action better not taken.

Because, like, wut tha fuuuuuuuuuuuck?

But what I will do is give you my attention and i will receive your content as an offering. You are reminding me of the pieces of the puzzle i have identified as fitting together as i continue to work on the bigger picture.

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