Nate Parker, Bill Cosby and R. Kelly are What’s Wrong with Black Colleges
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

HBCUs are not responsible for Bill Cosby, Nate Parker or R Kelly nor are we capable of addressing their issues. This article is overlooking the real issue which is that Bill Cosby, Nate Parker and R Kelly are not possible because of HBCUs, they are possible because of the male privilege and financial value White America has placed upon them. Lets take Bill Cosby for example, it is reported that NBC executives knew for years that he was a sexual predator AND Cosby was a member of Temple University’s Board of Trustees — a predominately white institution where the victim Andrea Constand was also employed— when his actions became known to the public. Since it all came out, HBCUs have returned his donations, refused allowing him to give speeches on campuses and even revoked honorary degrees conferred upon him; what more do you expect them to do? The same can be said of Nate Parker. His alleged crime did not occur on an HBCU campus, Parker was again a student at a predominantly White school when this all took place — that same school, Penn State, protected Nate Parker and it also protect Jerry Sandusky when they knew he was molesting young boys on their campus. The trend of White America utilizing Black talent when its financially beneficial even in the face of violence towards women simply is not an HBCU problem nor is it limited to Bill Cosby, Nate Parker or R Kelly. Jameis Winston was Florida State’s star quarterback when allegations of him raping a fellow student came out and Florida State, like most PWI’s do, protected their star. Were HBCUs responsible for that as well? Are HBCUs to blame that Winston is now the star quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Surely not! Nor are they the blame for Nate Parker going on to become a successful player in Hollywood (when have Black people EVER controlled Hollywood?). R Kelly, Bill Cosby, Nate Parker, Jameis Winston, Jerry Sandusky, Woody Allen, John Travolta, Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Jackson, Rob Lowe, Kelsey Grammar, and many others are not the product of HBCUs nor are HBCUs responsible for them being able to thrive in a predominantly white — male dominated society. If you want to eradicate a problem, you have to go to the source, and the source of male privilege is not found on the campuses of HBCUs.

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