the 2018 sugar bowl will showcase that which white america hates more than they hate themselves, young black men as leaders, instead of in jail, drugged out, or acting like faggots. b/quarterblacks are having championship college careers — jalen hurts of alabama & kelly bryant of clemson who will battle it out for the national championship game. now if reading this blog & you’re unfamiliar w/ these two athletes, look it up because i’m not posting this blog for their stat sheet which you can find anywhere online, this blog is about the black fact sheet & i’m calling it like i see it for those that want to hear it. these two teams have been the most exciting teams to watch among white college football teams in 2017–18' , & the reason why is simple, black quarterbacks change the dynamic of the game. these young black leaders once upon a time couldn’t pay to be water boys on these football teams let alone quarterblacks, but now they’re billion dollar commodities so white schools welcome them w/ open arms. funny shit is how we as black ppl for years have known our worth but white ppl always want to take the credit as if to say w/out them we would be worthless or unaware of our value as it equates monetarily. anyway, for me it’s bitter sweet seeing young black men in these roles(like seeing a black cop), i’m grateful they’re achieving there goals & being successful, but i think of how greater they would be taking their leadership skills to a black college(community) where they would be valued beyond a commodity or some million dollar mandingo modern slave betting wager. i got alabama over clemson w/ the 3.5 spread.