pro activist vs. pro athlete

beyond the fame,money,bravado & ego of an empty human void one tries to fill, there is still a person’s humanity,dignity & respect for oneself & loved ones. mr kaepernick in the midst of foregoing material possessions & the bravado of the lager than life nfl quarterblack image, has chosen not to lead the nfl as a pro athlete but as a pro activist against the injustice/corruption of the usa police/judicial system against black american men. his taking a knee during the national anthem has set a following trend by many other nfl athletes & 1 known nfl owner, however the protesting does not sit well w/ many, including pres. trump who believes there taking a knee is downplaying the flag of america. mr kaepernick’s goal wasn’t ill intentions towards the flag but to sacrifice himself & his position to raise awareness that something needs to be done to combat the constant corruption against the black community by which govt. is allowing the murder of black men by police w/out accountability, reprimands & punishment for deliberate gunslinger kill a nigger on site attitude, then blatantly lying of how events unfolded so as to appear innocent of cold-blooded murder. for what mr. kaepernick has done many should take a knee for him, as he has opted to be a pro activist over the petty materialistic/vain possessions thrown at him to look away & act as if this corruption against black men doesn’t exist. while he may be secretly banned from the nfl he should be praised & honored in black communities as a historical symbol & his example of not letting petty worldly possessions distract black people from their self respect & dignity as that is true wealth.