It’s Not About The Money, Or Is it?

Some insight from my beautiful wife! We’ve all heard the cliché it’s not about the money. But what does that really mean? I don’t think I fully understood it until today. We need money to live in our society and function in society and run businesses etc. We all know money cannot buy happiness. However we seek money so we can accomplish our dreams and help others.

So if It’s not about the money what is it about? It’s about putting out value and having value returned to you, it’s the law of attraction. You’ll never have enough money if you are not putting out equal or greater value. In fact that stings a little because it means I have not been putting out enough value in the past to deserve to be wealthy. Gee Blayne aren’t you being greedy wanting to be monetarily wealthy? How many more people can I help if I have more means and resources ? So no I am not being greedy I am being more loving.

That’s not monetary wealth; money is just a symbol of the value I have been putting out, I obviously need to step up my game. If you put out value it will be returned to you in not only money but in many other things tangible and intangible. Money is just another symbol of the love energy you have invested in the universe.

This is where Dan Pena is wrong in my opinion saying love doesn’t pay the bills. It does your just not loving enough. In other words doing all you can to help others achieve their dreams and in so doing helping build better society. Dan is doing that and apparently doesn’t fully realize that it’s love energy he is putting out there in his own drill sergeant style to help others achieve their dreams and be all they can.

Takers don’t realize they can never achieve wealth monetary or otherwise. If they take that which they did not earn it is usually temporary and coms with more problems than benefits. What they put out comes back to them eventually and it will be taken from them. They are breaking the law of attraction by just taking or mooching instead of putting out value first. If you’re not putting any value out it cannot be returned to you. They often are blaming others, circumstances, and playing the victim. It’s what the universe does it returns to you what you put out. What goes around comes around.

It’s the saying lose yourself in the service to others and you will find yourself. Cast your bread on the waters and it will return a hundred fold. The eastern law of karma, you reap what you sew, etc. etc. Maybe some of us have some catching up to do? Just keep putting out value in life business and where ever and it will return to you eventually my friends!