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The IOT is not regulated, and probably shouldn’t be, so the best practice would be self-regulation and self-criticism. Its kinda self-explanatory when comments are either disabled, moderated or — if comments are “free for all” the medium itself can’t follow up and elaborate on an issue with the person — who is also abusing the IOT by his/her ignorance and either offer an objective opinion or suggest a better approach. The second issue is “freedom of press”. An investigative journalist is paid by the medium he works for, which is most often owned by a media group. The owner of the media group is rarely a journalist, and the medium he owns is probably used to influence public opinion on an issue. The third issue is — PR. We live in times where theres low — if any quality control over media(TV, Music, Movies, TV Shows) which reach a wide audience and thus criticizing them could bring bad PR, which is bad for business for the medium.

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