A New Yorker walks into a San Francisco start up…
Jennifer Daniel

It’s amazing how much of this article and its responses are geographical. I came to California from the Middle East by way of Europe, and have found Californians to be rather self-centered. I didn’t get it at first, and blamed it on people being conservative. Apparently it’s not though, even the liberals here (when you can find them) are self-congratulating bubble-dwellers. I decided it’s an American thing, but now it seems you guys are saying it’s a West Coast thing, and some of you mean it in a good way.

Well for what it’s worth, it isn’t. What you collectively seem to be having is a reaction to how shitty the world is, and the reactions vary. Some pretend the shit isn’t there, but most go further and re-construct (re-design?) the world, and then go on and amend it in various ways. In that world, problems stem from “things”, and so can be fixed by changing the way “things” work/look/respond to input. I am sorry to break it to you California, but that isn’t the world the rest of the world lives in.

Guess I need to see the East Coast now. It would be nice to meet some grounded people.

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